Homethe-press3652Law against Tobacco will affect various sectors: Canaco

Law against Tobacco will affect various sectors: Canaco

Héctor Rodríguez López president of the Piedras Negras National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) considered that the implementation of the decree to reform the General Law on Tobacco Control will have an economic impact on sectors such as convenience stores restaurants, 好唔好 bars canteens and clubs.

And it is that he recalled that prior to this decree the owners of various establishments made investments to condition areas so that their clients could have a space to smoke; with which the so-called terrace areas proliferated in most businesses.

Many of the restaurant establishments, 好唔好 selling food had made this type of investment to serve this type of consumer who consume tobacco; with ventilated, 好唔好 well-suited and even heated areas, 好唔好 recalled Rodríguez López.

Therefore he pointed out that, 好唔好 with this decree they will no longer be able to provide this service in these areas and they will have to adapt another independent area …
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