Homethe-press3652INTERVIEW. Bernard Goutta, manager of SU Agen: I saw interesting players who...

INTERVIEW. Bernard Goutta, manager of SU Agen: I saw interesting players who will continue against Mont-de-Marsan

The SUA manager analyzes his team’s defeat in Grenoble on Friday evening (20-16). He still notes positive points such as the performances of his young players thrown into the deep end.

Is the defensive bonus point a good result for the AUS?

Given the scenario of the match and the second half yes. It rewards the effort and character of the team. We have the first half well under control. We knew this Grenoble team under pressure. We expected a lot of pressure in the first quarter of an hour but we quickly took the score. We made them doubt especially in our defensive sector where we were really in place. Then we lose the thread of the match at the start of the second half when we cannot hold the ball impose sequences build our game in the pressure zone. The Grenoble defense was also well in place. We had a hard time destabilizing her. The Isérois built their second half better than us.

How did you lose this thread?

On two – three key moments. A defense on our part on the test. Then we cash a penalty in stride. On the dismissal we are again crossed over 60 meters. It was very difficult. But the players went for that bonus point. It rewards the effort of the team. And the character of our young people. I want to congratulate them. I was waiting for them there and they learned from this match. Especially our third line (Gayraud and Bonnet), 一統徵信詐欺 I found them very interesting.

In the first half you lose your two backs (Tolot and Darchen) in quick succession. Did that play into the game?

It may have played on our coaching. I couldn’t do what I planned on our three-quarter line. Then there are players who did the whole game when it was not planned. But we’re not going to hide behind that. We faced a very good team from Grenoble who had a good second half.

Do you in the end regret having played in this match?

No not at all ! It’s a block of six matches. We are in a very good work and group dynamic. At the start of 2023 I said it would be the best who would play. Friday night, 一統徵信詐欺 I saw some very interesting players who will continue against Mont-de-Marsan. Competition has set in. She is healthy. I do not regret having put this team composition and having given playing time to my young people to continue to build them. They will arrive quickly.

Any word on Elton Jantjies’ first tenure?

He still needs to get his bearings with the locker room the team and the system. We see it. He is a player who has talent but it is not easy in his position. On his individual talent he has an international class. But physically, 一統徵信詐欺 he is not yet at his peak., 一統徵信詐欺

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The review of the 2022 registrations leaves us with some curious images. We have already talked about the disaster that Spain is experiencing, which, moreover, has not managed to boost the sale of electric vehicles. We have also counted the large sales volumes that Tesla is achieving in our country. This time, we will focus on Cupra. 11,621 units. They are the ones that Cupra has managed to place on the market this 2022 of its Formentor, with the data from Anfac. A model that groups 86% of its business volume. Of the rest of the models, the Cupra Born is the car that has registered the most units, but it remains at 767. Of course, with a growth of 128.27% this year. It is closely followed by the Cupra León with 764 units and registrations almost identical to those of last year, with a drop of 6.26% compared to 2021. The Cupra Ateca, with 324 registered units, and a drop of 55.48 %, is the model that has come out worst off. Of course, it has a very difficult offer to sell, with a single 300 hp gasoline engine. 21.51%. With all of the above, Cupra has managed to place 13,476 units on the market, with a growth of 21.51% compared to the number of registrations in 2022. It is an important number, taking into account that three of its four models have a very high position. sporty or electric, in a country where neither is an easy sell. You can't say the same Seat. The company has fallen 30.24% in its registrations. El León, with 8,303 units sold, has fallen by 50.25%. The Ateca, with 10,437 registrations, has also fallen by 21.55% and the Seat Ibiza and Arona, its best-selling models, have fallen by 25.43% and 20.43%. 17,462 units. They are the ones that the Seat Arona has registered, despite its considerable fall. The only Seat vehicle that has managed to position itself above the Curpra Formentor. The Seat Ibiza, with its 11,263 registrations, has been close, but has not surpassed the Cupra SUV. Of course, the Seat Arona has managed to be, despite everything, a leader in its segment, that of utility SUVs. And it is not a small thing, this bodywork concentrates 22.9% of the market share of cars sold in Spain, only surpassed by the average SUV, which brings together 29.8% of total registrations. {videoId:x8dzl28,autoplay:false,title:THE 19 CHEAPEST ELECTRIC CARS OF 2022,tag:webedia-prod} A clear trend. The figures indicate that the strategy of the Volkswagen Group with Seat and Cupra is responding as expected. At Seat, the best-selling models are those with the lowest cost and the most accessible (Arona and Ibiza) which, although they have fallen sharply, do so in a context of plummeting general registrations. In fact, the Sean Arona sneaks in as the third best-selling car in our country. At the same time, the transfer to Cupra seems to be working. The Formentor has monopolized the bulk of compact car sales in the Seat-Cupra tandem. Sales of the Leon have fallen sharply at Seat but they do so with a 14.8% drop in the compact car in the global market. At the same time, the compact SUV (the best-selling body) remains at 0.2%. And here the Cupra Formentor has taken off eating the sales that previously only the Seat León monopolized. Less is more. That is the strategy that the Volkswagen Group is following and that is confirmed with Cupra and Seat. Sell ​​less but get a higher return. With the Cupra Formentor they are getting it, because they sell a model almost traced to the Seat León but their sale prices are higher. In fact, the 150 hp 1.5 TSI engine (the basic one in the Cupra Formentor) can be configured with a manual transmission in the Seat León from just over 29,000 euros. In the Cupra, this configuration already starts at 33,040 euros. Of course, when we match the equipment of the Leon with the Cupra Formentor, the price differences are reduced to less than 1,000 euros. That is to say, for little more we have a car with a body that, potentially, likes more than the traditional compact. The future is Cupra. These are words pronounced by Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat, at a moment as important as the presentation of the company's results. In an interview with El Mundo, Griffiths also left the following words: If we get 160,000 Cupra cars sold, it's going to mean half of the operating profit we made this year. In volume of Cupra cars it will already account for 40% of the total, but in operating margin it will already be higher even this year. We are reaching a point of balance between the two brands but our Cupra potential has been conditioned by semiconductors, especially in the Born model, but we have room for improvement with what comes Terramar and Tavascan And the results go that way.Between Seat and Cupra, the Volkswagen Group has managed to sell more than 300,000 units this year in Europe, with the Formentor being, once again, the best-selling model... but in this case from Seat. It seems clear that the future lies in the electric or highly electrified SUV, and this is exactly where the automobile group is going to make a greater effort, delivering the new Terramar and Tavascan to Cupra. Mentality change. The numbers, therefore, seem to show that the Volkswagen Group is moving in the right direction with this change of mentality. The question is how long Seat will live and if, over the years, they will receive electrified models or they will remain as a small exception in the market, with very affordable combustion models. The problem for Seat is that the Volkswagen Group has decided that Skoda, the other brand of the conglomerate with relatively affordable prices, is going to receive electric models with which to gain market share. in Xataka Volkswagen does not know what to do with SEAT. The transition to the electric car has left him without an audience Our future is based on flexibility and the ability to anticipate looking for opportunities together. Transformation is the only way, Griffiths assured months ago. At the moment, Seat begins to assume the role of providing components to the rest of the German group. The range, for the moment, is breaking into two very clear paths: the cars with the highest economic performance for Cupra and the cheapest but least profitable for Seat. It remains to be seen if it is enough for Seat to receive the long-awaited (and increasingly complicated) small and cheap electric car. - The news The Cupra Formentor is an indisputable success for Volkswagen. That is bad news for Seat was originally posted on xataka for Alberto de la Torre .

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