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INTERVIEW. Bernard Goutta, manager of SU Agen: I saw interesting players who will continue against Mont-de-Marsan

The SUA manager analyzes his team’s defeat in Grenoble on Friday evening (20-16). He still notes positive points such as the performances of his young players thrown into the deep end.

Is the defensive bonus point a good result for the AUS?

Given the scenario of the match and the second half yes. It rewards the effort and character of the team. We have the first half well under control. We knew this Grenoble team under pressure. We expected a lot of pressure in the first quarter of an hour but we quickly took the score. We made them doubt especially in our defensive sector where we were really in place. Then we lose the thread of the match at the start of the second half when we cannot hold the ball impose sequences build our game in the pressure zone. The Grenoble defense was also well in place. We had a hard time destabilizing her. The Isérois built their second half better than us.

How did you lose this thread?

On two – three key moments. A defense on our part on the test. Then we cash a penalty in stride. On the dismissal, 一統徵信詐欺 we are again crossed over 60 meters. It was very difficult. But the players went for that bonus point. It rewards the effort of the team. And the character of our young people. I want to congratulate them. I was waiting for them there and they learned from this match. Especially our third line (Gayraud and Bonnet), 一統徵信詐欺 I found them very interesting.

In the first half you lose your two backs (Tolot and Darchen) in quick succession. Did that play into the game?

It may have played on our coaching. I couldn’t do what I planned on our three-quarter line. Then there are players who did the whole game when it was not planned. But we’re not going to hide behind that. We faced a very good team from Grenoble who had a good second half.

Do you in the end regret having played in this match?

No not at all ! It’s a block of six matches. We are in a very good work and group dynamic. At the start of 2023 I said it would be the best who would play. Friday night, 一統徵信詐欺 I saw some very interesting players who will continue against Mont-de-Marsan. Competition has set in. She is healthy. I do not regret having put this team composition and having given playing time to my young people to continue to build them. They will arrive quickly.

Any word on Elton Jantjies’ first tenure?

He still needs to get his bearings with the locker room the team and the system. We see it. He is a player who has talent but it is not easy in his position. On his individual talent, 一統徵信詐欺 he has an international class. But physically he is not yet at his peak., 一統徵信詐欺

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