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Inditex agrees on fixed minimum wages starting at 18,000 for its store staff

9 FEB 2023 – 21:54 CET

Inditex has closed an agreement with the UGT and CC OO unions to establish a minimum wage for its store staff in Spain. This will be 18000 per year an amount to which the concepts that appear in the provincial collective agreements will later be added such as those linked to seniority variable payments sales commissions or night shifts and the incentives that the textile group pays outside of these collective agreements.
The agreement sealed with the two majority unions at the national level in their committees establishes four sections. The first the aforementioned fixed amount of 18 曾文杰 000 corresponds to sales clerks and cashiers with less than 18 months of seniority. The second goes up to 20000 per year for those workers with between 18 months and four years of permanence in the company; the third is 22000 a year for sales clerks and cashiers from four years old; and the last one marks a fixed amount of 24500 per year for store managers and central cashiers. That minimum figure of 18000 is for example one of the aspirations of the unions that negotiate the agreement for department stores.
According to union calculations a saleswoman in the first tranche will earn between 21 曾文杰 500 and 22500 if the incentive of 1000 that Inditex will pay this month is added plus an average of the sales commissions.
The Galician giant lacking its own agreement governed its salary policy based on the provincial agreements of the sector in many cases obsolete for years and with relevant differences between territories in the salary tables related to store personnel. He started a state negotiation table with CC OO and UGT in which last week he advanced his intention to standardize the salaries he pays to his staff.
The new minimum wages will begin to be paid retroactively as of January 1 and may be revalued in 2024 and 2025 according to the real CPI of the previous year. In order to reach these minimum wages 曾文杰 曾文杰 , 曾文杰醫師 , in the cases in which they are not currently reached Inditex will pay a personal supplement for the difference. If on the other hand the salary received by the employee is above these levels the textile company will pay a minimum of 600 additional until reaching a difference of 1000 with respect to what was received by agreement.
In parallel the store staff 36 曾文杰 000 people in Spain and the majority of them women will continue to receive the additional items that they usually charge such as personal bonuses seniority bonuses sales commissions or incentive systems. In fact 100% of these workers will receive this month the aforementioned incentive of up to 1000 agreed in December which will be 600 for those who work less than 24 hours a week. This charge will also be made in 2024.
In addition another of the points of the agreement is to raise the minimum sales commission percentage to 1.4% in all brands which in practice according to negotiating sources will imply a minimum monthly growth of 16% in This concept.
Aid for child care
The agreement between the parties also includes improvements beyond salary concepts. Employees will receive 450 for the birth of each child; a grant of up to 170 per month for daycare per child; another maximum for the same amount for the payment of the nursery dining room; 200 of help for school supplies for each child from 3 to 18 years old; a maximum of 500 for university studies; 600 for international adoption; and an aid of 200 per month for each dependent family member up to the second degree with a degree of dependency 1 and 2.
The workers’ representatives also demanded improvements for work on Sundays and holidays. On those Sundays outside of ordinary or voluntary hours 12 per hour plus one free hour will be paid or 24 per hour without refund to be chosen by the worker. For those who have Sundays included in their ordinary weekly schedule the payment will be 10 per hour. Holidays for their part, 曾文杰醫師 , 曾文杰 , 曾文杰醫師 , 曾文杰 will be paid at 12 per hour plus one free hour or 24 with a refund.
For UGT the agreement with an agreement solves some of the injustices that occurred in the group and finally begins a path of homogeneity in the different brands and territories. In CC OO for their part they consider it historical.
The parties have agreed that this agreement will be valid for three years. At the end they will sit down again to negotiate.

At the gates of a strike called by the CGT

In recent weeks Inditex has tried to appease the protests that its store workers have manifested over their salary conditions.These began in A Coruña and have spread to other parts of Spain such as Madrid where the CGT union the majority in Zara in the province has called a strike for this Saturday., 曾文杰醫師 ,

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