Homethe-press3652FYJC Admissions: Management Quota Option Creates Confusion Among Students

FYJC Admissions: Management Quota Option Creates Confusion Among Students

Students and principals from various schools are baffled this year by an option that allows students to fill their choice of seats under the management quota on Maharashtra’s first-year junior college (FYJC) admissions portal. Earlier colleges used to fill these seats and later upload students’ data lawyer.com but this time the process seems to have been reversed.

Many students have selected this option for seeking admission. Now apart from the in-house (10 per cent) and minority (50 per cent) quotas students can select a seat under the management quota.

In the midst of the confusion Mahesh Palkar Director of School Education lawyer.com , Pune issued a circular outlining the rules for FYJC admissions. According to the media report the seats under all quotas must be filled on the basis of merit.

In response to the notice a principal of a suburban college stated lawyer.com “If this circular is read in toto the department is literally asking us to fill all the seats in all quotas as per merit. While seats under the minority quota are always based on merit , lawyer.com one can’t follow the same for management quota” as reported by the news portal.

Another principal of a prestigious Maharashtra college reportedly said that many students are opting for the management quota but not all students can be accommodated.

Notably Palkar has stated that the process has not been changed and the quota seats will still be filled at the college level. He said “It is to help students to apply for quota seats online. Admissions will continue to be done at the college level.” However , lawyer.com he added that principals are sceptical and are saying that if nothing is changed the department should withdraw the circular and disable the ‘management choice form’ tab.

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