Homethe-press3652FYJC Admissions: Management Quota Option Creates Confusion Among Students

FYJC Admissions: Management Quota Option Creates Confusion Among Students

Students and principals from various schools are baffled this year by an option that allows students to fill their choice of seats under the management quota on Maharashtra’s first-year junior college (FYJC) admissions portal. Earlier colleges used to fill these seats and later upload students’ data iorioaltamirano.com , but this time the process seems to have been reversed.

Many students have selected this option for seeking admission. Now apart from the in-house (10 per cent) and minority (50 per cent) quotas students can select a seat under the management quota.

In the midst of the confusion Mahesh Palkar Director of School Education iorioaltamirano.com Pune issued a circular outlining the rules for FYJC admissions. According to the media report the seats under all quotas must be filled on the basis of merit.

In response to the notice a principal of a suburban college stated iorioaltamirano.com “If this circular is read in toto , iorioaltamirano.com , the department is literally asking us to fill all the seats in all quotas as per merit. While seats under the minority quota are always based on merit one can’t follow the same for management quota” as reported by the news portal.

Another principal of a prestigious Maharashtra college reportedly said that many students are opting for the management quota but not all students can be accommodated.

Notably Palkar has stated that the process has not been changed and the quota seats will still be filled at the college level. He said “It is to help students to apply for quota seats online. Admissions will continue to be done at the college level.” However he added that principals are sceptical and are saying that if nothing is changed the department should withdraw the circular and disable the ‘management choice form’ tab.

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The new life of Pau Gasol: family, business and childcare

The name of Pau Gasol already looks eternal along with the rest of the legends of the most successful franchise in the NBA. The Lakers dyed the stands of their pavilion yellow in honor of the center, the first Spaniard to see his removed shirt in the best league in the world. A number 16 that he has worn since early Tuesday morning along with illustrious men like Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar or Jerry West. Emotional tribute, in which Kobe Bryant had a very special role and which served the Spaniard to thank, but also to show the path of what his future life will be. A path dedicated for the most part to others. To return somehow all the good that life has given you. “To those who have been given much, much is expected of them. That's why I will remain committed to impacting other people, making a difference, and inspiring others. In helping to make this world a better and healthier place ». With these words the Spaniard concluded his speech. A whole declaration of intent about his new life. A vital journey that he has been winking at the underprivileged since he landed in Memphis as a boy and that has reinforced his philanthropic work in recent years. Related News Standard basketball No "Thank you, Pau!": the Lakers elevate Gasol to their Olympus of legends María Estévez Moved to tears, the Spaniard received the greatest tributes when he saw the withdrawal of his shirt with the already mythical number 16 Once the trips and matches were parked forever, his boots hung up in September 2021, the Spaniard focused definitively on his new life. In the family and in his foundation programs, but also in business. Because Pau, who during the beginning of his career suffered some setbacks with the investments made in his environment, decided a long time ago to take the reins at the business level to control his destiny. Businesses, mostly, linked to health, technology, well-being and sports. Four legs on which a millionaire empire is based, in which Pau himself is the main character. He does not like to leave anything to chance and controls every detail in the different agreements that are signed with his name through him. "When I join a company, I like to get involved and commit myself, which is not just a financial investment," the Catalan recently acknowledged, after signing an agreement with Vivla, a Spanish 'startup' that focuses its business on the co-ownership of second luxury residences in highly demanded tourist areas such as Formentera or Baqueira-Beret. It is his first approach to the real estate sector, from which he left scalded at the beginning of his career, and to which he returns to promote the brand in the national and international market. Desktop Code The SPEECH of PAU GASOL 💛💜 Complete and translated. This has been the emotional moment of @PauGasol.#GraciasPau | #Gasol16 pic.twitter.com/rwpxd5nO3r— #ThanksPau (@NBAspain) March 8, 2023 Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code The SPEECH of PAU GASOL 💛💜 Complete and translated. This has been the emotional moment of @PauGasol.#GraciasPau | #Gasol16 pic.twitter.com/rwpxd5nO3r— #ThanksPau (@NBAspain) March 8, 2023 AMP Code The SPEECH of PAU GASOL 💛💜 Complete and translated. This has been the emotional moment of @PauGasol.#GraciasPau | #Gasol16 pic.twitter.com/rwpxd5nO3r— #ThanksPau (@NBAspain) March 8, 2023 Code APP The SPEECH of PAU GASOL 💛💜 Complete and translated. This has been the emotional moment of @PauGasol.#GraciasPau | #Gasol16 pic.twitter.com/rwpxd5nO3r— #ThanksPau (@NBAspain) March 8, 2023 Each new step in the 'Gasol Universe' is well thought out. As the former player himself admits, the companies they are looking for "are those that have a certain history, financial stability and a consolidated structure, as well as leadership in their sector." Aspects that fulfill all his new adventures, such as the one sealed with Therabody, another young company focused on technological well-being and percussive therapy in the recovery of athletes. In it, Gasol coexists with a shareholder full of personalities such as the rapper Jay-Z or the players James Harden and Kevin Durant. Associating with big names is another of Pau Gasol's favorite trends for years. In fact, one of the businesses he is most fond of is the gastronomic emporium he has in common with Rafa Nadal and Rudy Fernández, among other partners. The Tatel restaurant, present in Madrid, Los Angeles and Ibiza, and Zela –with offices in Ibiza and London– are included in the Hospitality subsidiary of MABEL Capital, an investment group led by Abel Matutes Prats and Manuel Campos Guallar, and in which the three Spanish athletes are his best-known face. Special Dinner When Pau says that he likes to get involved in his companies, it is not an empty statement.Serve as an example the night before his great tribute with the Lakers, in which he dined at Tatel with all his friends who had traveled to Los Angeles. The invitation served to see again, years later, many of the 'Golden Juniors' sitting at the same table. Felipe Reyes, Juan Carlos Navarro, Raúl López and José Manuel Calderón were some of those present at the restaurant located in Beverly Hills, at a dinner that was also attended by members of Estopa (personal friends of the former Catalan player) and even legends of the Angelina franchise as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A night to remember that Gasol wanted to celebrate in a special place for him. It is also his native Barcelona, ​​where he returns whenever he can and where he has one of the many real estate investments he has made over the years. The most important, the mansion located in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood, where he resides when he is in Spain. In addition, he has a 250-hectare farm in Guadalajara, although brick is not his preferred business model. The companies where Pau Gasol invests Vivla: Real estate investment 'Startup' in joint ownership of luxury second homes in highly sought after tourist spots Oura Ring: Company that has developed a smart ring that measures physical activity, sleep and heart rate Indya : Technological nutrition 'Startup' to improve sports performance. It is based in Valencia BetterUp: 'Startup' focused on emotional well-being and human potential Tatel: Restaurant based in Madrid, Los Angeles and Ibiza whose shareholders include, among others, Rafa Nadal and Rudy Fernández Fundación Gasol: The foundation that leads his name, dedicated to the fight against childhood obesity through sport and healthy habits Throughout his career in the NBA, Pau Gasol amassed an income of 200 million euros just from contracts with his teams. Fortune to which should be added the sponsorship contracts – for years he was the face of Banco Popular and later Santander and also Nike, among others – that served to increase his assets. Gasol invested part of it in 2013 in the creation, together with his brother Marc, of the Foundation that bears his last name, dedicated to the fight against childhood obesity –an endemic problem in the United States and one that is becoming more serious as well. in European countries – through sports, healthy eating and the quality of sleep for the little ones. Although he has always been very aware of the Foundation, Pau has thrown himself into the organization much more since he retired. It is easy to see him participate in the different events held in schools, such as the one that took place in a center in Los Angeles hours before his tribute. Gasol himself wanted it to be that way, to place the right eye of the daily chores after his withdrawal in the media focus. Sport and technology Children and taking care of them have been part of Pau's vital journey since he was a teenager. As soon as he arrived in the United States, the player became personally involved with the St. Jude hospital in Memphis, a center where he went every week simply to spend time with sick children and make their stay easier. His relationship with UNICEF, a United Nations organization focused on child care, also dates from that time. Gasol, in an act of his EFE foundation What he saw in some of those trips to countries in Africa and Asia later served him to launch his Foundation and to keep his concern for the health and nutrition of the people over time. younger. In this sense, Pau recently partnered with Indya, a nutrition technology startup to improve sports performance. "Healthy eating is a fundamental pillar and this app makes knowledge about nutrition accessible in the non-professional sports field," says the Catalan. His business network also includes Oura Ring –a company that has designed a smart ring that measures physical activity, sleep and heart rate, among other variables–, and BetterUp, a business focused on emotional well-being and human potential . MORE INFORMATION noticia No "Thank you, Pau!": the Lakers elevate Gasol to their Olympus of legends noticia No The Olympus of the Lakers: the retired shirts that they will wear alongside Pau Gasol's galeria No The withdrawal of Pau's shirt Gasol of the Lakers, in pictures 'Mindfulness' came into Gasol's life thanks to Phil Jackson, the coach who has marked him the most and for whom he had words of gratitude in his tribute speech. Thank you for pushing your players to read. Thank you for introducing me to meditation. You are unique . I know it and we all know it, "said Pau, happy to live a unique moment and do it surrounded by all his loved ones.There were his wife Catherine and their children Elisabeta Gianna and Max, their parents –Marisa and Agustí– and their brothers –Marc and Adriá–, as well as most of their friends, including Vanessa Bryant, the widow of his “brother » Kobe, whose premonition in 2018, when he assured that Pau would have his shirt removed next to his – “there is no debate”, came true five years later.

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