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Former Minister Vega is dismissed by the Justice after “telephone call” from adviser to Héctor Llaitul

The former Minister of Social Development and Family, Jeanette Vega, was dismissed for the criminal case that began after the call to the head of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM), Héctor Llaitul. Situation that caused his departure from the Government of President Boric.

The Public Ministry investigated the former minister for obstruction of the investigation, illegal exercise of the profession and omission to report, after the arrest of the Mapuche community member.
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First fall: President Boric accepts the resignation of Minister Vega due to an unclear call to Llaitul

Former Minister Vega will testify as a defendant in the investigation against Héctor Llaitul for “telephone call” from his adviser

This was due to the fact that one of the advisers to the former Secretary of State, Tania Santis, called Llaitul’s personal cell phone to ask her to speak with Vega. Following the situation, the National Renewal (RN) lawyer, Marcelo Brunet, filed the complaint at the end of August 2022.
Prosecutor Patricio Cooper requested the dismissal of him, dismissing that Vega was involved in matters of public safety or had omitted to file a complaint due to the contact of her adviser. “The definitive dismissal is requested because we are not in the presence of the crimes indicated,” he said.
After the decision, the former minister used her social networks to state that “sometimes justice takes time but it arrives. Those who accused me so unfairly will have to pay. I am calm that I have fulfilled my work as a minister ».
It should be remembered that the judicial action maintained that “the intervention of the ex-minister in events that are manifestly constituting a crime, must be investigated, therefore, taking into account her position and position, in addition to the subsequent statements made by members of the Government in pursuit of not initiate investigations against Mr. Héctor Llaitul, could constitute obstruction of the investigation.”

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