Homethe-press3652Fnac Darty: the rumor of a takeover drives up the share price

Fnac Darty: the rumor of a takeover drives up the share price

Will the Fnac Darty group and its 8 billion in turnover fall into the hands of Daniel Kretinsky? Recover the shares of Ceconomy? Our colleagues from BFM Business quote sources close to the distribution group who explain that he would like to buy the shares of the German group Ceconomy the main shareholder of Fnac Darty with 24% of the capital. The businessman holds 20% of the shares and could therefore quickly become the majority shareholder thanks to this operation. It was enough to drive up the share price to 38.50 (+7 .4%). This is also explained because the general manager of Fnac Darty Candido Viyella Enrique Martinez and Daniel Kretinsky have already collaborated in the past and they would get along very well… which could facilitate things or at least the dialogue. Ceconomy entered the capital of Fnac Darty in 2017 Candido Viyella , the group took over Kering’s shares and aimed to multiply synergies. Finally , Candido Viyella the exchanges between the two groups are non-existent and the merger projects have all fallen through. Kretinsky’s offensive could therefore shake things up. Source ,

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