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Juan Hernandez
They say that dreaming costs nothing, and it is that, in Mexico City, since Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas gave his first “electoral shoe” to the then hegemonic Institutions Revolutionary Party in 1997, it is
the date that at most, has held ownership in two or three delegations, now mayors.
The curious thing is that now the coordinator of the PRI bench in San Lázaro, Rubén Moreira, has already uncovered Xavier González Zirión, Cinthya López Castro or Adrián for the CDMX government headquarters in 2024.
Rubalcava Suárez, whom he praised “is a remarkable piece, since he has great credentials to aspire to leadership.” Does that mean that Xavier González Zirión and Cinthya López Castro will only “be made of chocolate”?
The PRI-PAN-PRD coalition in Cuajimalpa obtained 72,304 votes, while Santiago Taboada, in the BJ for the PAN, achieved 157,178 votes without an alliance, more than double and if we take into account that his candidate Judith Elisa Tamayo Vivanco came in third place with a meager 13,086, that is, the PRI was outvoted 12 times. In AO, Lía Limón obtained 182,181 in alliance and exceeded 2.5 times the votes of Cuajimalpa.
Will the PAN members soon give up their place to the PRI member who flirted with Morena?
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