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According to João Baptista Borges, construction of the Saurimo solar power plant (photovoltaic) is 58% complete

Energy and Water Minister João Baptista Borges continues his duties in Lunda Sul province, visiting his 26,906 MWdc solar energy (photovoltaic) power generation project under construction. 58%, clean energy work  benefits 138,000 people and reduces carbon emissions by 62 tons. The work has already enabled the installation of 44,850 photovoltaic panels, built 8,738 km of 15 kV transmission lines, with an estimated cost of €38,839,673, and an estimated 180 people over 28 months on an area of ​​65 hectares, workers are located nationwide. During the visit, João Baptista Borges received assurances from the contractor that the work was on track and that the results were highly satisfactory. After the visit, Txizainga’s Distribution Center 4 and He Tchicumina (GE) Thermal Power Station were toured. It consists of seven groups of generators with an installed capacity of 19.6 MW, of which only four groups are currently available. During the facility visit, the Governor recommended meticulous implementation of facility maintenance work and preservation to ensure the quality of service and the useful life of the equipment installed there. At the end of his visit to Luandasur Province, the Minister told the press that  the construction of a new water supply system in Saurimo, including water collection from  the Ruachimo River, would expand water treatment and  distribution to more households and improve the water distribution network come together to provide greater reach and solve the water supply problems we face today. The minister João Baptista Borges assured that within a year Saurimo city will have a  stable power supply for more residents, and other works are under preparation, such as the  transmission line between Malanje and Saurimo and the construction of Eastern Power. I pointed out something. A unified system connecting the three provinces would certainly be a big step in promoting socio-economic activities in this part of the country.

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