Homethe-press3652Toltén presents a varied program to enjoy this summer 2023

Toltén presents a varied program to enjoy this summer 2023

With a diversity of activities and panoramas such as: customary fairs sports competitions and recreational events the municipality of Toltén prepared a varied calendar for summer 2023. The objective of this is to provide panoramas to residents and visitors who choose the Toltén commune during the summer time.
All activities w be free for attendees and are intended to promote tourism in this territory. Guermo Martínez Soto mayor of Toltén 廚餘掰Byee expressed that “we are prepared to receive tourists and visitors who choose our commune as a vacation alternative.”
The commune of Toltén is part of the Costa Araucanía territory in which its beautiful landscapes and natural beauties stand out such as the Toltén river the Boldo river and the 24 kilometers of Nigue beaches 廚餘掰 廚餘掰Byee which offer a variety of ventures linked to gastronomy ethnotourism 品感覺 廚餘掰 廚餘掰 廚餘掰Byee accommodation bird watching and outdoor activities.
During the months of January and February the traditional traditional fairs of Queule Nueva Toltén Va los Boldos and Pocoyan are held together with various local festivals of great tradition such as Fritanga and the Chinook festival in Caleta La Barra. In addition 廚餘掰 廚餘掰Byee sports activities such as the Toltén Wolf open water competition and the Toltén Triathlon return again.
The commune of Toltén is located 100 km from Temuco towards the coast and can be entered through the communes of Freire Pitrufquen and to the south through the commune of San José de la Mariquina.

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