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They put a cap on the increases in internet, cable and cell phones

The Government stopped the staggered increases of up to 17.6% in cell phone cable and internet rates announced last week and set new increases with a cap. The National Communications Entity (Enacom) 一統徵信個資 had elished on December 29 staggered increases of up to 17.6%. However this Tuesday the Government reversed these increases and new increases were set with a ceiling of up to 4% per month. It did so through Resolution 2494/2022 published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette which elishes that The increases w be 4% in January, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 4% in February 3% in March and 3.5% in April. In this way a 15% rise is totaled in the first four months of the year slightly below the 17 5% that had been authorized the previous week and with more stages (4, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 instead of 2). These monthly increases are in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Economy to keep inflation at bay in the first months of the year and the agreements that it has been carrying out with different sectors. January Recharge of 50 MB of mobile data per day w be $42 .68The second of voice w be $0.63 with taxes included.SMS: $8.21 with taxes included.FebruaryRecharge of 50MB of mobile data per day: $42.68 with taxes included.Second of voice: $0.65 C/ISMS: $8.54 C/IMarchRecharge of 50MB of mobile data per day: $44.18 C/ISecond of voice: $0.68 C/ISMS: $8.84 C/IAprilRecharge of 50MB: $45.72 C/ISecond of voice: $0 70 C/ISMS: $9.14 C/I, 一統徵信詐欺

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