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The house of horror: “Los Paisitas” murdered the owner of the house and kept his body under the bed

The authorities captured three criminals red-handed, including a minor, members of a gang of Venezuelan and Colombian criminals called ‘Los Paisitas’. The criminals fell when the Police were chasing them in the Bilbao neighborhood of the town of Suba, in Bogotá, after they were discovered by the community forcing a man to get into a taxi and then transfer him to another place and deprive him of his freedom. Precisely these three people are signs of homicide and kidnapping. In the first case, the victim was a homeowner, whose body had been lying under a bed for several days. Regarding the other case that took place on Puente de Reyes, it is an engineer who was kidnapped and taken by tricks. to this same residence. “They take me to Bilbao. When they bring me into the house they put me on a bed, supposedly, I was already blindfolded, they tell me to lie face down with my hands behind my back and someone tells a girl to start tying me up like the other one. Indeed, they begin to tie my legs at the ankles with tape, ”she narrated for Noticias Caracol. Subsequently, a relative of the murdered man knocked on the door to find out some information about his whereabouts -because they had not heard from him for days- and the criminals, finding themselves discovered, decided to flee with him in a taxi. Fortunately, during the tour, a police patrol approached 120 meters from the suspicious vehicle, an opportunity that the man took advantage of to escape and regain his freedom. “When the patrol approaches 120 meters, the offender turns to the right, they get too nervous. I took advantage of it, unlocked the door, pushed, opened it and jumped out when the car was moving and before getting up I started yelling at the patrol: ‘Officers, please help me, they had me kidnapped, help me They’re going to kill me.’” Finally, a guarantee control judge sent them to jail, while they await trial for the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, carrying weapons and conspiring to commit a crime. Charges that were not accepted.

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