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Possible introduction of a deposit for plastic bottles: The French will pay twice, the association Amorce

Secretary of State Bérangère Couillard is launching a major consultation from Monday January 30 with manufacturers associations and communities on the possible establishment of a deposit for plastic bottles in France. The principle is that consumers buy the slightly more expensive bottles of water or soda at the supermarket then bring them back empty for a few cents returned by an automaton. The French will pay twice. Both to have a yellow bin and to finance the automata critic Monday January 30 on franceinfo Nicolas Garnier general delegate of the Amorce association which represents local authorities. According to him the plastic bottle is not the issue 一統徵信趙維君 it is probably the best recycled object in France.
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We must focus on plastic packaging and even all other plastics such as toys for example. The idea of ​​a deposit on plastic bottles had already been rejected in 2019 by Senators and local authorities.
franceinfo: We understand the deposit for glass. We collect the bottles we wash them 一統徵信趙維君 we reuse them. When we talk about deposit for plastic, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信趙維君 is it the same thing?
Nicolas Garnier: Not at all. That’s the problem. Everyone is for the deposit for the reuse of the bottles that we will wash and reuse. But in reality there we are being offered to take a few cents from us up to 0.15 € on a bottle of water or a bottle of soda and to give them back to you if you bring it back at the store. And this not to reuse it but to grind it to recycle it under exactly the same conditions as if you had put your bottle in your yellow bin in your kitchen or in your common area of ​​your building.

We turn you into a waste collector but to do exactly the same thing as if you had put it in the yellow bin it will simply cost you €0.15 more.
Nicolas Garnier general delegate of the association Amorce
at franceinfo

The deposit for plastic bottles could unbalance the sorting industry?
The priority of waste management is not at all the recycling of the bottle. In fact, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信趙維君 the bottle is probably the best recycled object in France. We are between 60 and 70% recycling. We are at almost zero on the pot of yogurt or on the packet of crisps. The big issues are precisely on everything that is not a bottle all the rest of the plastic packaging and even all the other plastics toys diapers.

Most plastics cannot be recycled although the law requires 100% recycling by 2025. We are very far from that.
Nicholas Garnier
at franceinfo

But for communities today the challenge is the of waste management costs. You should know that waste collection today costs about €150 per inhabitant and that elected officials will have to announce to the populations very significant increases of 10 20% this year. We can’t reduce the amount of waste we don’t recycle enough. And then it is increasingly difficult to find solutions for the disposal of residual waste.
Is there no room for both collection methods?
The French will pay twice. Both to have a yellow bin near their home or in their house and in addition 一統徵信趙維君 they will have to pay €0.15 to finance the machines. There is a risk of having two competing devices. While in reality the selective collection of bottles is rather good in what is called the household bottle that is to say the one that you will buy in your supermarket and that you will consume at home. Where we in France is what we call out of home that is to say the bottle you buy in a bakery and drink on the way to work or the one we buy in a football stadium. Here we are at zero. We had promised to set up a selective collection in public places which was not done when it was an obligation. On the other hand we had to set up a selective collection in companies. The selective collection by the public service is quite good we are at almost 75% so we have done two thirds of the work. The problem is that there is a whole part of people’s lives for which there is no selective collection. This selective collection must be put in place., 一統徵信詐欺

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