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Ojeda: “Are Risto’s advertisers going to continue supporting someone who says those barbaric things?”

The miserable comment of Risto Mejide in the Campanadas de Cuatro against Ana Obregón – «Anything to announce? A pregnancy? The death of a loved one? That gives an audience »- has forced the presenter of Everything is a lie to apologize publicly. But coming from someone who is not known for scruples like Mejide, it is not surprising that his apologies have been even worse than the indecency he said on New Year’s Eve. And that is what Álvaro Ojeda highlights: “Your apologies have been pure excrescence”, while sending a message to the Mediaset executives: “Are Mejide’s advertisers going to continue sponsoring someone who says such barbaric things?” For years I have learned that vulnerability makes us strong. You can apologize for having offended the wrong people,” Mejide said. The presenter even allowed himself to play the victim of Obregón’s response on social networks: «As you have made this message public, I am going to give you a public response. I beg your pardon, it doesn’t cost me anything, sorry without nuances». «In what head is it that I can laugh because someone has lost a child, does anyone really believe that I as a father can accept this? I have always defended that people show their pain there however they want, “he said. But the worst comes when Mejide has dared to throw balls out as a victimizer:” There are two people from whom you can learn a lot. I am very surprised by the controversy that is being created. I’m surprised you don’t see that this wasn’t going with you or Cristina. My comment was not with you but with those who put us there. I am surprised that you, with much more experience than me, have thought that I wanted to laugh at a mother who has lost a child. That’s not TV, that’s morbid ». Ojeda has not let it go: « The explanations he has given today are pure excrescences coming out of the mouth of a human being. What cynicism! TV executives? No, dude. That what you have said puts you more in the mud. It goes beyond any kind of human level. And now I say: “Are Mejide’s advertisers going to continue supporting someone who says these atrocities?” For her part, Ana Obregón has decided to break her silence and answer the presenter on her social networks: “Your macho and repulsive comments towards Cristina Pedroche for being pregnant and towards me for having lost my only child saying that we use that to have an audience, they hurt. They hurt a lot. But your laugh at the end of the comment also hurts, as if it were fun to bury a child. It’s not, Risto. And I don’t wish it on you or anyone.” The actress wanted to remind Risto Mejide of her career in the world of television, emphasizing that both she and her partner Pedroche have always led audiences: “And in the case of Cristina, she has also always had an audience for her work and success” .

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