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New Russian airstrikes shook the inhabitants of kyiv this morning

The Russians launched several waves of Shahed drones, commented Oelski Kuleba, head of the kyiv military administrative region, referring to the Iranian-made drones. / Photo: Capture After the New Year weekend marked by Russian bombings that left At least four dead in several cities in Ukraine, kyiv woke up this Monday shaken by a new air attack, which caused the city’s military administration to order the inhabitants to go to the shelters. The air defense system is working, declared through the Telegram network Seguei Popko, head of the city administration, who noted that fragments of balconies and windows of buildings have been damaged in the Desniansi district. The Russians launched several waves of Shahed drones, said Oelski Kuleba, head of the kyiv military administrative region, referring to the Iranian-made drones. They target critical infrastructure facilities, he added, as reported by AFP. Almost three hours later, the capital and the neighboring region lifted the air alert. Twenty air targets have been shot down, the city’s military administration said. On Saturday, the capital and other cities were attacked with missiles and Iranian-made drones that left three dead, while one more person died on Sunday in the southern region of Zaporizhia. kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported an explosion Monday in the Desnianski district, where a 19-year-old man was hospitalized.Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported an explosion Monday in the Desnianski district, where a 19-year-old man was hospitalized Authorities later reported that the young man was injured by falling glass from a building. The Russian New Year attacks targeted central areas of large cities, said Mikhailo Podoliak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, who called it a turn in Moscow’s tactics. Russia no longer has military goals and tries to kill as many civilians as possible and destroy civilian facilities, he tweeted. It is a war to kill. In addition to the four dead, dozens of people were injured, the sources added. On December 31, Russian artillery hit a town on the outskirts of Kherson, where Yaroslav, a 13-year-old boy, was wounded. Subsequently, Russian forces attacked the hospital where the minor lay in intensive care. What does the 13-year-old boy have to do with these inhumans who tried to kill him twice? Governor Yaroslav Yanusheiich questioned on the Telegram application. The Russian attack damaged Kherson’s hospital and left Kherson and the surrounding area without power. In November, Russian forces withdrew from Kherson, the only regional capital they had ever controlled, but continued to shell it. The Ukrainian air force said 45 Iranian-made drones were destroyed in the strikes. 13 were shot down on the last night of 2022 and the other 32 were shot down after midnight. Thanks to our air force – pilots, anti-aircraft gunners – 33 ‘Shahed’ (drones) on his account, Zelensky said in his late-night message, adding: Thanks to the air defense of our ground forces for another 12 downed Iranian drones . Very well done guys! Police chief Andrii Nebitov posted on Facebook an image of the wreckage of a drone that read the words Happy New Year in Russian. In the eastern Donetsk region, pro-Russian authorities reported a civilian killed in the town of Yasinuvata as a result of Ukrainian shelling. Following a series of military defeats, Russia began targeting Ukrainian infrastructure in October, leaving millions cold and dark. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that moral and historical justice is on his country’s side in this war. For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry had indicated that on Saturday it attacked Ukrainian defense facilities involved in the manufacture of offensive drones. We managed to dismantle the plans of the kyiv regime to organize terrorist attacks against Russia in the near future, he assured. Russia accuses Ukraine of attacking its local military installations and infrastructure.Russia accuses Ukraine of attacking its local military installations and infrastructure. Russian troops shot down a drone on Thursday near Engels, a Russian strategic aircraft base hundreds of kilometers from the border with Ukraine. On Monday it indicated that the drone shot down over the Engels airbase killed three people when it fell, but Ukraine has a policy of not claiming responsibility for those attacks.

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