Homethe-press3652MPF investigates Jovem Pan for encouraging anti-democratic acts

MPF investigates Jovem Pan for encouraging anti-democratic acts

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in São Paulo instituted a ci complaint to force the conduct of the Jovem Pan group to disseminate news and encourage anti-democratic acts against Brazilian institutions. The indictment of the opening of the investigation is inated by the Deputy Regional Attorney of the City in São Paulo Yuri Corrêa da Luz. According to the document or the communication group veiculated without evidence misinformative content with the potential to undermine trust cidades nas instituições braziles. The Rede Jovem Pan in several of its programs has ped based on the widespread regarding the suitability of the country’s judicial institutions and the rigidity of the two democratic processes 一統徵信個資 to channel numerous falsehoods with the potential to encourage and also instigate anti-democratic acts against them he said. document. The text highlights for example that the Pingos nos Is program aired on December 22 or commentator Pedro Figueiredo ventilated news about the elections and defended the ci war in the country. Or do people accept an election without transparency without legitimacy without confidence in the population or do people accept all iso and below their heads or do people go to ci war? So there’s a ci war pô! say or document. The reporter points out that 一統徵信個資 while covering two acts of ism that occurred in Brasília commentators from Jovem Pan minimized the theory of institutional rupture of the two acts and tried to justify the motivations of two s who invaded and depredated the headquarters of the Three Powers. The MPF also stressed that the Brazilian Telecommunications Code is clear in providing that the freedom of broadcasting does not exclude the punishment of those who w practice s in their exercise. the practice of or contravention provided for in the legislation in force in the country or judicial decisions including: inciting disobence to the law; making war propaganda or processes of subversion of the political and social order; insting rebellion or indiscipline in the armed forces or public security organizations; broadcasting false and social news with d to the public order. The MPF sent an official letter determining that Jovem Pan would provide, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 within 15 days detailed information about its program and the two presenters and commentators of the two programs Jovem Pan News Morning Show Os Pingos nos Is Alexandre Garcia and Jovem Pan 3 in 1. The entire letter of opening the inquiry can be read here. The Jovem Pan Group was tried to demonstrate but st no response. In their social networks Jovem Pan informed that Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho or Tutinha, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 now leaves the presidency of the group. It w remain according to the notice in the Company’s Board of Administration 一統徵信個資 with the mission of preserving the principles and values ​​that Grupo Jovem Pan has been guiding for eighty years.

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