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Migrant women, the ones who suffer the most violence from authorities

Women are the sector within the mobile population that suffer the most from the consequences of human rights violations by the authorities and harassment by organized crime; however, they continue to occupy a high percentage of the mobility of migratory transit in the country.
According to the report Migration and International Mobility of Women in Mexico of the Ministry of the Interior, Mexico initiated an Administrative Immigration Procedure (PAM) before the National Institute of Migration (INM) against 86 thousand 836 women for not proving their immigration status, that is, say 23.9% more than those reported in 2021, which were 70 thousand 72.
Of these, the largest number were penalized in Chiapas, 27,203, followed by Baja California with 13,947; Tabasco with 6,936; Coahuila, with 6,541; Veracruz, with 6,172; Sonora, with four thousand 808; Nuevo León, with 4,466 and Tamaulipas, with 4,173.
Regarding the age range, 67,136 women who underwent a procedure are over 18 years of age, which represents an increase of 44.7% compared to 2021, when 46,386 were reported.
Regarding minors under 18 years of age, from January to September 2022, 19,700 were registered, a reduction of 16.8% compared to 2021, when 23,686 were reported.
Regarding regularized migrants, 7,868 in 2022 women were documented as permanent residents by recognition of refuge, an increase of 20.3% compared to 2021, when 6,539 were reported in 2021.
Of these, 4,044 are from Honduras (51.4%), 1,579 from Venezuela (20.1%), 924 from El Salvador (11.7%) and 1,321 from other countries (16.8%).
In this context, Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza highlighted the multiple forms of violence that women have to suffer while traveling through Mexico.
“Women have not left Chiapas when they have already had acts of harassment, sexual violence and even rape. Unfortunately, the trafficking networks in them are merciless and the phenomenon of a macho society with them in particular is exacerbated ”, he declared.
He said that there is a condition of total lack of protection on the part of the authorities and even this same authority “participates in the harassment and rape of migrant women,” and said that there are complaints against members of the National Guard, including the Mexican Army. .
He lamented that the abuse and lack of protection occurs even “because of the accent, there are complaints of Haitian or Venezuelan women who are abused in the course of crime networks, by smugglers and by Mexican State security agents.”
The legislator regretted that the protection bodies and the National Human Rights Commission do nothing to improve conditions and protect these women.
According to the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), from January to September 2022, 26,825 events of return of Mexican women from the United States were reported, an increase of 46.8% compared to 2021, when 18,270 events were reported.
Of these, 23,930 (89.2%) are over 18 years of age and 2,895 (10.8%) are minors. Of the women returned by the United States, 16% are from Oaxaca, 15.2% from Guerrero, 10.1% from Chiapas, 9.9% from Puebla, and 9.3% from Veracruz, among other entities.
Migration of women from January to September 2022:
16 thousand 144 women were returned by the Mexican immigration authority,
85.5% are over 18 years of age and 14.5% are minors.
913 minors returned to their country traveled accompanied.
1,420 minors returned to their country traveled alone.

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