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Las Vegas tech fair reveals these new super TVs and computers

CES, an acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest technology trade show of the year, taking place in Las Vegas, USA, this first week of 2023, and reveals the bases for trends, announcements and product categories that They will be seen for the rest of the year.
An early look at the latest developments in televisions and laptops, useful smart home devices, and some mobile phones, monitors, and cars is seen at the Las Vegas expo center.
CES runs Thursday through Sunday, but the news started coming earlier: Samsung, LG, Sony and other companies kicked off a day of press conferences on Wednesday. Here’s a rundown of the major releases and announcements made that day.
Samsung: televisions with artificial intelligence
Instead of introducing another flashy new TV to its portfolio, Samsung is focused on making everything better going forward. And most of the refinements in Neo QLED (Mini LED in Samsung parlance), QLED (standard LCD sets) and OLED TVs this year center around artificial intelligence and enhanced image processing. For example, a greater and more three-dimensional sense of depth, improved scaling, and more.
Samsung’s new Neo QLEDs include a new Auto HDR Remastering feature that uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply high dynamic range (HDR) effects in real time to standard dynamic range (SDR) content scene by scene. , making SDR content brighter and more vivid for absolute immersion.
The system compares SDR content with HDR material and uses deep learning to analyze the differences and then perform the conversion.

Samsung TVs now also use 14-bit processing to improve shading gradation and reduce compression artifacts, bringing out more detail in various scenes, especially dark ones.
When Samsung introduced its modular MicroLED display called The Wall a few years ago, the deal was that you could make it any size or shape you wanted.
But recently, Samsung has reduced the size of its MicroLED displays, while maintaining bezel-less modularity, into sizes that resemble more traditional TVs. And for the first time in 2023, it won’t necessarily require professional installation.
Samsung describes the new 76-inch MicroLED CX as the world’s smallest and most affordable MicroLED display.
Between its unmatched display performance and advanced technologies, MicroLED CX heralds a brighter, more luxurious future for consumer TVs.
Plus, its 20-bit black detail, variable 240Hz refresh rates, and 2-nanosecond response time solidify the 76-inch MicroLED CX display as the new standard for high image quality, no matter what you’re watching or playing. .

LG: the first wireless OLED TV
LG bets on TVs for its Signature OLED line, meant to encompass the company’s latest display technology and the best the TV maker is capable of, and often come with sky-high prices to match.
But with the new Signature OLED M, LG isn’t focusing as much on the panel itself. It’s a bright and huge 97-inch 4K screen. But the novelty is outside the television.
The OLED M receives all of its video and audio wirelessly from a Zero Connect box that can be placed up to 30 feet away. All processing happens at the checkout; the tv is just a panel and speakers.
LG touts the OLED M as the world’s first wireless OLED TV. Obviously, it goes a few steps beyond your typical wireless HDMI transmitter.
There are three HDMI ports on the box, all capable of [email protected], along with USB and antenna inputs. You can connect the usual assortment of devices—a cable box, game console, 4K Blu-ray player, etc.—and that source content is streamed to the giant OLED screen.
There’s a little pill-shaped antenna at the top that you’re supposed to rotate to point in the direction of the TV for the best wireless performance.

To ensure smooth data transfer from the box to the TV, the company developed an algorithm that instantly identifies the optimal transmission path, LG wrote in its press release.
The algorithm also helps minimize transmission errors or interruptions, as it can recognize changes in the immediate environment, such as people or pets moving across the room, and reroute accordingly, the company explained.LG’s Signature OLEDs are historically very expensive, but the company has yet to reveal pricing for this one.
Intel: 13th Generation Mobile Processors and the First 24-Core Laptop CPU
Intel added Raptor Lake to its line of mobile processors. The flagship Core i9-13980HX is designed for upcoming gaming laptops, and there are also regular H, P, and U-series chips for a variety of more mainstream laptops.
Intel’s Core i9-13980HX is the star of the show with a turbo clock of 5.6 GHz and 24 cores. It’s the first time a laptop CPU has supported a 24-core configuration, and Intel claims it’s the world’s fastest mobile processor.
Intel has reused the same chip it uses for its 13th-generation desktop processors for its HX series of CPUs, with eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores in the flagship Core i9-13980HX.

ROG: 18-inch displays in Strix gaming laptops
Asus announces a pair of new ROG gaming laptops equipped with 18-inch displays: the Asus ROG Strix G 18 and ROG Strix Scar 18.
While it’s not uncommon to see gaming laptops with screens up to 17.3 inches, these new additions are taking portable displays to a new level.
The 18-inch models of both laptops will have configurations available that use Asus’ new Nebula HDR technology that is capable of outputting up to 1100 nits of brightness and is compatible with Dolby Vision. You’ll also have the option to choose between 165Hz or 240Hz refresh rates for both models.
L’Oreal: new makeup applicator uses augmented reality
L’Oréal is no slouch when it comes to gadgets. The company pushed the use of beauty technology in recent years.
At CES 2023, the company announced two makeup devices: Brow Magic, which uses augmented reality to create and draw your perfect brow, and Hapta, an affordable lipstick applicator prototype.
Brow Magic was developed with Prinker, which makes a temporary tattoo printer. Brow Magic works in a similar way. It has 2,400 tiny nozzles that can print up to 1,200 dots per inch.

If you think of it as a tattoo printer, it makes sense since popular brow procedures like microblading and microshading are also semi-permanent tattoos. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of products needed to achieve a look.
To use the device, a user opens the Brow Magic app and scans her face. From there, you can view various shapes, thicknesses, and effects using augmented reality. Brow Magic also recommends different effects like microblading and microshading.
After selecting one, users brush on before sliding the printer across the brow, then follow up with a final finish. The good thing is that unlike semi-permanent tattoos, Brow Magic looks can be redone immediately with makeup remover.
Hapta is a smart lipstick applicator for people with limited hand and arm mobility. The device was developed with Verily Life Sciences, an Alphabet-owned company that makes electronic gadgets with stabilization technology to help people with tremors eat more easily.
L’Oréal says its goal with Hapta is to apply that technology to makeup, which can be challenging even if you’re fully mobile. The Hapta prototype combines smart gestures and a magnetic attachment that allows 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flexion.
Users can lock the device in place once they figure out the correct settings and save it for future use. Hapta can also run on battery for about an hour, or about 10 applications.

TCL: a screen for each version of reality
TCL’s displays are in TVs, smartphones, and perhaps in the near future, in the metaverse as well. At the very least, the company wants to make the screen that gets you there.
At CES 2023, the company announced its latest experiments with wearable displays, including a virtual reality headset and mixed reality glasses.
Plus, its personal display glasses, which have only been available in limited markets, are now heading to the US. It’s kind of a cover-all-the-bases strategy for whatever the future of display technology holds.
The company’s NXTWear S glasses are the latest version of its wearable display, sort of like a television contained in a more or less ordinary pair of glasses.They are not augmented reality or virtual reality glasses. They connect to a device like your mobile phone or laptop and mirror content onto what looks like a massive 130-inch screen.
For a different vision of the future, the RayNeo X2 glasses are designed for augmented reality. They use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 platform and a full-color Micro LED optical waveguide display to display alert information such as navigation and language translation in the user’s field of view.

Sony: Project Leonardo, a PlayStation 5 accessibility controller
During Sony’s presentation at CES 2023, the company shared that it is working on a new accessibility controller kit, codenamed Project Leonardo.
Leonardo’s kit features PlayStation 5 face and trigger buttons that can be swapped around a wide circular gamepad, as well as a joystick that can be repositioned relative to the gamepad.
It will also come with accessories in a variety of shapes and sizes for players to find a setup that works for their particular strength, range of motion, and physical needs, and has four 3.5mm auxiliary jacks for connecting for third-party accessibility. accessories, similar to Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller.
Leonardo can be used as a standalone controller, as a pair, or in conjunction with the PS5’s included DualSense wireless controller, making it adaptable for a variety of accessibility needs.
Leonardo’s physical customization capabilities are matched by its software options. Leonardo will allow gamers to assign functions to various buttons and save three different settings as profiles for ease of use.
Project Leonardo is still in development and a release date is not yet known.

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