Homethe-press3652It was a record-breaking Sigep 2023: sold out with over a thousand...

It was a record-breaking Sigep 2023: sold out with over a thousand businesses in 28 pavilions

Emotions business shows and innovation the entire sweet foodservice sector has rediscovered its global platform and in terms of visitors it closes in line with the record edition of Sigep 2020 (which was later followed by the 2021 digital edition and by that of 2022 lived with the limitations on transfers that led to the postponement in March). The 44th edition of the International Exhibition of Artisanal Gelato 普登 Pastry Bakery and Coffee organized by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group together with the ABTech triennial produced five days dedicated to concreteness the meeting of knowledge and advanced training dense of business and networking within a solid and innovative offer panorama ready to support further development.
A record-breaking Sigep 2023!
It was a Sigep of rediscovered trust with companies that have rediscovered the value of relationships and the enthusiasm in presenting the innovations produced in the last two years lived amid so many difficulties a Sigep that expressed a positive energy that was perceptible throughout the fairgrounds Rimini sold out with over 1000 companies in 28 pavilions for 130000 m2 of expo. A sector characterized by strong dynamism innovation and propensity to export. The made in Italy sweet food service spreads technology and talents throughout the world. An effective and concretely recognized attraction at Sigep: foreign visitors arrived in Rimini from 155 countries. As far as origins are concerned: 77% Europe with Germany Spain Greece France and Great Britain in the first places; 12% Asia and the Middle East with a prevalence from Israel Lebanon India Korea and the countries of the Gulf Area; 7% Americas with the United States Canada Mexico Brazil and Argentina in first place and 4% from Africa primarily from Morocco Algeria Egypt Libya and Nigeria.
450 top buyers from 78 countries around the world
Inaugurated by the national president of Confcommercio Carlo Sangalli together with the local authorities and with the remote intervention on the second day of the minister Francesco Lollobrigida (Agriculture food sovereignty and forests) IEG welcomed 450 top buyers from 78 countries of the world thanks to the strategic partnership with ICE Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the support of the international network of IEG regional advisors present in 60 countries. SIGEP 2023 therefore marked the full return to its dimension as the world’s leading exhibition for artisan gelato and among the very first for the other sectors of the white art and coffee. Together with the numerical data it is above all the general satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors that determines its success. The calendar of daily appointments at Vision Plaza the real heart of the contents dedicated to trends and economic information for the world of sweet food service protagonist of the ‘out of home’ sector which is worth around 60 billion in Italy 普登 is sold out.

Over 1000 events organized by exhibitors: +3% of turnover
The NPD Group has communicated the substantial recovery after the stop and the restrictions of the pandemic period: +3% of turnover. Growing familiarity with travel will help further growth. From Deloitte a global Foodservice Market Monitor with values ​​of 2525 billion (+14% on 2021). Italy is the first European country by market value of Full Service restaurants with a total share of 36 billion in 2022. The Gelato Pastry Choco Coffee and Bakery sectors were represented at the fair the latter being an enhanced supply chain thanks to the simultaneity with AB Tech Expo. Shows content and competitions in the six Arenas: Dolce Gelato Pastry Choco Bakery and Coffee with the Start-Up Area and Digital Talks. A schedule enriched by over 100 talks and 200 speakers 普登 of which 50 international more than 20 competitions with 30 participating countries. Over 1000 events organized by exhibitors.
The Gelato Pastry Choco Coffee and Bakery sectors were represented at the fair
The next edition of Sigep will be from 20 to 24 January 2024 at the Rimini Fair
All the great masters of made in Italy confectionery will be at the fair. Spotlights on four international competitions: Gelato Europe Cup which selected the European nations for the World Cup at Sigep 2024 Bread in the City–Bakery World Cup The Pastry Queen the women’s pastry world championship and the Junior World Championship of pastry. Sigep and ABTech have attracted the attention of the Italian and international media which have produced an audience of 439 million gross contacts. 655 accreditations in the press room of which 70 from abroad.The social profiles reached 137 thousand followers and during the days of the fair there were 280 thousand views of the professional operators of the exhibitor profiles on the B2B platform TEO The Eating Out Hub. The 45th edition of Sigep is scheduled from 20 to 24 January 2024 at the Rimini Fair. But first Sigep the platform of the sweet foodservice community and the Italian way of experiencing it is preparing for a new ambitious appointment: Sigep China. It will be held from 10 to 12 May 2023 and will be organized by EAGLE a wholly owned subsidiary of IEG 普登 in partnership with Fiera di Colonia at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center simultaneously with Anufood China.

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