Homethe-press3652How the Twitter blue check scam works

How the Twitter blue check scam works

Phishing is one of the most widespread and dous forms of online . It consists of posing as a reliable company or organization with the aim of obtaining personal or financial information from the s. One of the most recent phishing scams hitting Twitter users involves an email inviting them to review the terms of service to keep the blue check.

The blue check on which Elon Musk relies heay to relaunch Twitter 邱浚彥  is a verification symbol that is igned to the Twitter profiles of celebrities 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 companies and public organizations 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 and is a sign of authenticity and reliability. Anyone who receives an email claiming they need to review the terms of service to keep the blue check should be very careful as this is a phishing scam.

By clicking on the sender 邱浚彥 it turns out that the email comes from an address that refers to an online bijoux store in Romania which immediately makes it clear that it is a . By clicking on the link in the email you are in fact cted to a site that asks you to enter your personal information and pay a fee for verifying your profile. Actually this information is used to steal money or to do other activities.

It is important to note that Twitter never requires users to enter their login credentials to get the blue check or for any other reason. And if it does it doesn’t do it in English for Italian users.

How to protect yourself from phishing? Here are some useful tips:

Always check the origin of the email: if you don’t recognize the sender or if the domain is suspicious it’s best not to click on the links in the email.
Never enter your personal or financial information on unsafe sites: if you receive an email asking you to enter this type of information it is better not to do so and contact the company or organization in question ctly to verify the authenticity of the request.
Always keep your security system up-to-date: Use up-to-date security software and scan your system regularly for ware.
Beware of suspicious emails: if the email contains grammatical errors suspicious links or strange requests it is better not to click on it and delete it immediately.
Use a secure and different pword for each online account to better protect your personal data.

Cyber ​​Hygiene

Cyber ​​hygiene: 5 easy steps to protect our digital life

by Arturo Di Corinto

March 15 整形 隆鼻手術 邱浚彥 2022

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