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How much would the Santa Fe Klan pay alimony to Maya Nazor?

After the separation of the Santa Fe Klan and the influencer Maya Nazor, it is reported that both parties will have to reach an agreement on alimony for their child in common.
The media reports that the earnings of the Santa Fe Klan exceed the amount of one million pesos. That is why it is estimated that the rapper could give 200,000 pesos a month.
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A few days ago, Maya Nazor, through networks, finally confirmed her break with the Santa Fe Klan, after the rumors that arose in recent days about her separation.
“It is difficult for a thousand to speak because many and many of you are being harsh and giving your opinion when you do not know the reality of my relationship, you do not know the reality of anything. I did not leave Ángel, nor did he leave me, it was a decision that we both made ”.
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In the same way, the influencer on December 28 commented that she only wants the rapper to take responsibility for little Luka.
“’You already got the pension to live’… I don’t want him to give me anything, just as long as he takes responsibility for his son, if he wants that’s fine, I don’t need, I don’t want anyone to support me, because I I know how to work, so he doesn’t go around and for that very reason I ask for respect towards me, because I am a woman and I am a mother”.

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