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Hi-Fi Rush is a Verified Game on Steam Deck – here’s how it runs on the Valve console

Hi-Fi Rush has just been added to the over 7000 games compatible with Steam Deck: the ‘rocker’ action by Tango Gameworks officially enters the already large list of Verified Games on Deck and does so with a video that testifies to the goodness of the playful and graphic experience to live on Valve’s portable console. The new video demonstration packaged by the curators of the Steam Deck Gaming YouTube portal shows the aspiring rock star Chai and his improvised group of allies rebel against the high-tech companies of Hi- Fi Rush taking full advantage of the computational power and advanced features of Steam Deck.
In the trailer 一統徵信個資 the youtubers also provide valid suggestions to those who among the owners of the hybrid console from Valve are looking for the optimal graphic and performance settings to best play the latest rhythm action pearl from Tango Gameworks.
Even the father of Hi-Fi Rush 一統徵信個資 John Johanas advises fans of the genre who own Steam Decks to take a look at this video and have fun with a version that, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信個資 to put it like the Game Director runs great on the Valve console .
Speaking of Johanas: in recent days the Director of Hi-Fi Rush called it a dream come true. The exponent of Tango Gameworks also revealed that he started working on this project in 2017 and that he was impressed by the great availability with which Bethesda accepted his idea from the beginning., 一統徵信詐欺

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