Homethe-press3652Farmers in northern Martinique call for help

Farmers in northern Martinique call for help

It is a real cry of alarm that growers of dachines and cristophines these typical vegetables of Martinique. Affected by the weather which devastated their fields farmers in the north of the island say they are abandoned 一統徵信趙維君 and are asking for urgent help. Serge Château-Degat is their spokesperson: We find ourselves without cash we have everything because of the rain we are in very great difficulty underlines Serge Château-Degat at the microphone of Manuel Larade from Martinique la 1ere. Reunion: work on the Salazie circus road penalizes residents
Also in difficulty the inhabitants of the Salazie circus located in the heights of Reunion Island. For several months 一統徵信趙維君 the road that connects them to the town of Saint-André has been regularly closed for work. This never-ending renovation project is penalizing the economic and social life of the premises. Report by Precilla Etheve Réunion la 1ere.Guyane: the Legion of Honor for Aimée Cippe after 21 years of service at the Kourou Space Center

Her name is Aimée Cippe she is Guyanese and she has just received the insignia of Knight of the Legion of Honor in Cayenne. A distinction that rewards 21 years of service within CNES. At the Guyana Space Center in Kourou she was the first woman and the first Guyanese to hold the position of Director of Operations. Report by Véronique Nizon French Guiana the 1st.
They are called the POM the overseas patrol boats. They are six, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信趙維君 and the first of them left Brest harbor on Tuesday heading for Nouméa. The Auguste Bénébig a French Navy patrol boat launched in 2021 should reach New Caledonia via the Panama Canal within three months. Intended to strengthen the means of the French Navy 一統徵信趙維君 particularly in the fight against trafficking and against fishing these six overseas patrol boats will be based in the Pacific and in Reunion. 一統徵信趙維君 , 一統徵信詐欺

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