Homethe-press3652Cartagena w have two camera projects for the Historic Center and Gethsemane

Cartagena w have two camera projects for the Historic Center and Gethsemane

The Mayor of Cartagena Wiam Dau Chamat 一統徵信社 chaired the Distri-Security board of ctors where the budget for operating and investment expenses for the 2023 term was elished likewise 一統徵信社 to continue guaeeing all the technological tools for mobility communication and infrastructure for the proper management of all security and relief agencies.
By 2023 there w be two new projects that include the implementation of cameras in the Historic Center and Gethsemane. In addition the first phase of the Safe School Environments project w continue which is the installation of alarms and video surveance cameras in the city’s public schools. Along the same lines maintenance w continue to be carried out on the community alarms and video surveance cameras that have been operating in the city for several years.
In order to continue guaeeing mobility to security and relief agencies 20 motorcycles were delivered to the Police and two to INPEC. Additionally the logistic capacities of the CAIs in Daniel Lemaitre, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 San Francisco and Ceballos are being strengthened.
The General ctor of Distri-Security Luis Enrique Roa, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 affirmed: “we committed ourselves in this meeting to build 6 new CAIs together with the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena. We also have a very special commitment to the construction of a Police station in the Coco lot in Isla Grande so that the security conditions and the fight against trafficking can be irradiated by the National Police and the Navy. ”.
The Cartagena entry w have two chamber projects for the Historic Center and Getsemaní was first published in EL BOLIVARENSE., 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 , 一統徵信詐欺

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