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After all, what is sapiosexuality?

Since BBB Key Alves, 23, defined herself as “sapiosexual”, the subject has constantly been the subject of debates on social networks. Many did not know the term until then and were immediately confused. “Does she like a man or a woman?”, most lay people ask.
Sapiosexuality, however, is not about gender preferences. A person who identifies like this can be straight, homo, bi, pan… Being sapiosexual means only feeling attracted to those you consider intelligent. That is, there needs to be an admiration or intellectual connection to spark romantic or sexual interest. According to experts, it is a sexuality that is part of the asexual spectrum (the “A” in the acronym LGBTQIAPN+).
In addition to the volleyball player participating in the reality show, other celebrities have already revealed that they identify with the term. At the end of 2022, culinarist Bela Gil commented on the subject in a podcast. “I’m attracted to smart people, not necessarily beautiful,” she said at the time.

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