Homethe-press3652Aaron Rodgers leaves more questions than answers about his Packers future

Aaron Rodgers leaves more questions than answers about his Packers future

Aaron Rodgers has created yet another aura of mystery about his future with the Green Bay Packers.

Much was e last offseason about whether or not Aaron Rodgers would call it quits with the Green Bay Packers or playing football in general. Leading into the 2023 offseason Rodgers is teeing up a similar mysterious aura that w keep us wondering until training camp whether or not his career or time with the Packers is over.

The Packers’ final game of the season at Lambeau Field — even if they make the playoffs they won’t host a game — is on Sunday against the Lions and naturally he was asked if he had thought about this being his last game there.

Aaron Rodgers comments on Packers future but answers nothing

Here was Rodgers’ very cryptic answer when asked if he thinks about it potentially being his last game at Lambeau Field.

“Yeah I mean for sure [I think about it] just because you don’t know what the future holds. But when I think about that 一統徵信黑道 it’s nothing but gratitude not remorse or sadness just gratitude  for the time I’ve been here the amazing memories I’ve had on this field. Been a lot of great moments. But I’m st undecided, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信黑道 we’re all undecided about the future. We’re just gonna enjoy Sunday night and hopefully have some more to play for.”

Whether the #Packers get into the playoffs as the 7th seed or not – Sunday w be the final home game this season for Green Bay.

Yesterday Aaron Rodgers was asked if he lets the thought of it potentially being his last game played at Lambeau Field cross his mind.

Full answer: pic.twitter.com/aILEAyy7Mn

— Kyle zhan (@Kylezhan) January 5 2023

Contractually Rodgers is with the team through 2026 but that doesn’t mean a split is out of consideration. He could retire or the team could opt to trade him. When he says, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信黑道 “I’m st undecided we’re all undecided about the future” (emphasis my own) it could be an indication that the ball might be in the Packers’ court.

Of course Rodgers himself was a young quarterback who got the nod over a legacy starter in Brett Favre, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信黑道 and maybe Jordan Love’s career arc could take on a similar path subversing Rodgers.

The last game of the season is a win-and-get-in for the Packers and Rodgers. If they beat the Lions they’re in the playoffs. It would be a remarkable turnaround considering their playoff odds were hovering around five percent according to most predictive models like FiveThirtyEight’s earlier this season.

If it is indeed his last game with the Packers it w have been a remarkable career in the green and yellow. He has tallied over 58000 yards 470 touchdowns and has cumulated a record as a starter of 147-74-1.

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