Homethe-press36522022: the end of fireworks. By Juan Carlos Oróstica, president of the...

2022: the end of fireworks. By Juan Carlos Oróstica, president of the GEDA Foundation and coordinator of the Pirotecnia Cero Chile campaign

Amazing as this year that is ending most of the municipalities attended to the needs of TEA/PAS people anis and protected the environment. Thus from Arica to Magallanes one by one they announced the non-launch of fireworks.
It is the global trend and Chile cannot be left behind. However there are st municipalities like Valparaíso and Viña that did not understand the message that as the Pirotecnia Cero campaign we left them in the hearings we had with both: an inclusive party where TEA and PAS people could be multispecies families; innovative where “noiseless pyrotechnics” is used such as the one used in the soccer world championship and in other mive activities around the world 一統徵信社 with drones uminating the hs and the sea with laser lights with bluebeam (holographic) technology etc ; eco-friendly to protect the marine environment wildlife and pets. All this is already possible it is not a dream. The only thing missing is political w not only from the Mayors but also from the trade and tourism unions that believe and preach the fallacy that with a single day launching fireworks they w earn USD 70M.
So much more can be done with these new technologies and if we all come together we can transform the waterfront into the world’s biggest and most important “New Year’s party.”
As a campaign we never ask to end the fireworks let alone the end of the year party that we all celebrate as a family. We ask to lower the decibels eliminate the final rumble and combine with drones, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 lights 一統徵信社 bluebeam etc.
It is something that is possible if we all sit down to talk understand each other and empathize with TEA/PAS people anis and the environment. If all the other municipalities understood it why not you? We can only wish everyone the best end of the year 2022 and the beginning of a more auspicious more empathetic 2023 and look for alternatives so that 2024 is the best year-end party worldwide., 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社

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